Установка PASCAL

Posted by Unik on 04.03.2014

Итак установим в систему PASCAL v1.3 Ставить будем через Auto-Install который идет вместе с дистрибутивами продуктов, с ПАСКАЛЬ он как раз идет. Если AUTOIN в системе еще нет, то нужно поставить с ленты так: >BRU /REW/UFD/NOI/NEW/BAC:aut100.a MS0: DB0:

Скачиваем pascal_v1_3.zip и приступаем:

sim> att ts0 pascal_v1_3.tpc
sim> boot rp0


>hello system

RSX-11M-PLUS V4.6   BL87    [1,54] System    RSXMPL 
2-MAR-14 18:27     Logged on Terminal TT0:  as SYS2

Good Evening
*                                                               *
    *                    Welcome to RSX-11M-PLUS                    *
    *                                                               *
    *                  Version 4.6  Base level 87                   *
    *                This is file LB:[1,2]LOGIN.TXT                 *
    *                                                               *

    Last interactive login on Sunday, March 2, 2014  18:25:34 (TT0:)
>mou/for ms0:

RSX-11M/M-PLUS Auto-Install Procedure V1.1

          02-MAR-14    18:27:57

Type "?" for help; CTRL/Z to end; or valid input.
Which product(s) do you want to install? PAS

Type "?" for help; CTRL/Z to exit Auto-Install; or valid input.

Where are the update files located ? MS0:

Type "?" for help; CTRL/Z to skip this product; or valid input.
Which device are the distribution files for PAS (PAS) located on (include colon)
? MS0:

BRU - Starting Tape 1 on MS0:

BRU - End of Tape 1 on MS0:

BRU - Completed

Products being installed:

    Device  Product Task name

    ------  ------- ---------
    MS0:    PAS (PAS)

Determining system configuration.

BRU - Starting Tape 1 on MS0:

BRU - End of Tape 1 on MS0:

BRU - Completed

Do you want to customize PAS (PAS) (Y/N) ? Y
Which directory do you want the PASCAL task assigned to ([g,m]) <[1,1]>? [3,54]

Generate FPP or EIS code ? FPP

Build the compiler using separate I & D space ? 

Allow future customization of this file ? 

Print release notes automatically ? 

Print the installation log automatically ? 

Do you want to customize PAS (PAS) again (Y/N) ?  

Installation of PAS (PAS) beginning at 02-MAR-14 18:28:48


Transferring kit files to work area.

BRU - Starting Tape 1 on MS0:

BRU - End of Tape 1 on MS0:

BRU - Completed

BRU - Starting Tape 1 on MS0:

BRU - End of Tape 1 on MS0:

BRU - Completed

18:28:48  *** MS0:  -- Dismount complete
DMO -- TT0:    dismounted from MS0:    *** Final dismount initiated ***

Building product PAS (PAS).

Transferring files from work area.

Running IVP command procedure PASIVP.CMD.
PAS -- PDP-11 PASCAL V1.3-01

    23      I := J;  { Tests that message file is correctly installed - should  
give warning } 
** PAS -- ERROR 150: W -- Must assign value before using variable               


As verification that the OTS is correctly installed,
you should now see a non-fatal run time warning


** TT0 -- Warning -- Error   22

Double deallocation of dynamic memory

At PC =  002702

In  PASTST  At Or After   21

Installation of PAS (PAS) ending at 02-MAR-14 18:29:06.

PIP -- Not a directory device

Installation of PAS (PAS) successful.

Auto-Install ended on 02-MAR-14 at 18:29:06.

Simulation stopped, PC: 021240 (BR 21206)